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Krazy K got busted from openly sourcing in a gym and now is supposedly ratting on everyone....  

06 Feb 2007 09:06

Tell us what happened rat, then explain in detail what happened so we can have all facts.! We got your back your not too much of a doosch bag. :D  

06 Feb 2007 09:55
hahahaha well i heard about it from another site that he was sellin to some 20 yr old kid and got busted at a gym......i dont know all the details but people were sayin his computer is still on and hes not on if youve ever done buisness with him look out  

06 Feb 2007 17:17
Whats the name"?  

09 Feb 2007 09:20
[QUOTE=canibalistic_js]Whats the name"?[/QUOTE]

you want this??

or the site i heard it from??  

09 Feb 2007 17:25

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