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Not sure if anyone has seen this, but it sheds some light on the situation with BD.... I know the beginning of it looks like an ad, its not. just page down.  

31 Jan 2007 18:26

Nice find.  

31 Jan 2007 19:49
interesting. according to that acticle, it was gen**l that started the rumor about A**N being a scammer. im sure thats not the whole story, but I wouldn't doubt it. after all, when the dust settles, the steroid dealing business is just like any other drug...  

31 Jan 2007 23:51
to be honest,i have had nothing but good things from gen so i really dont know about that.everyone knows A is a selective scammer though.for now i just use nv  

01 Feb 2007 00:11
ive used gen as well. great service. i go domestic now anyway. much better IMHO. im not passing judgement or claiming to know all of the truth, just though id pass on that article.  

01 Feb 2007 00:58
BD sucks. you have a 50/50 chance it will be real and you pay buttloads for it.  

01 Feb 2007 03:03
i liked bd but i'm loving nv  

01 Feb 2007 05:32
nv is cheaply priced, but theres better for slightly more coin...  

01 Feb 2007 05:47
will power
I switch from BD to Performance labs, other than price i had no problem with BD.  

01 Feb 2007 17:06
He has been a selective scammer according to alot of boards.  

02 Feb 2007 00:56
[QUOTE=AMERFOOTBALL]nv is cheaply priced, but theres better for slightly more coin...[/QUOTE]

NV is waaaaay over priced they charge way too much for a bottle of test or anything all of the pill are like 10mgs of var which is reidiculous  

02 Feb 2007 01:28
[QUOTE=canibalistic_js]NV is waaaaay over priced they charge way too much for a bottle of test or anything all of the pill are like 10mgs of var which is reidiculous[/QUOTE]

Therye not that overpriced. Theyre about half the cost of BD. But i do agree finding a UG lab you trust is the way to go. Theyre gear is a little cheaper, alot of times overdosed and overfilled, and they charge less shipping too.  

02 Feb 2007 01:31
I get get half the cost of NV brada and yes they are overpriced. I get double the gear for less then them and its from a reputable source.  

02 Feb 2007 01:39
will power
Is NV That mexican Vet lab??  

02 Feb 2007 01:40
Yes sir!  

02 Feb 2007 02:01
i prefer stallion or proform labs...lsp isn't bad from what ive heard, but never tried them...
i like proform for there mixes...a 100mg prop/75mg per ml tren mix is useful pure EO and smooth as silk bro!  

02 Feb 2007 02:08
UG labs are alot less expensive then NV  

02 Feb 2007 02:48
nv is a ug lab i believe  

02 Feb 2007 03:18
[QUOTE=bignready]nv is a ug lab i believe[/QUOTE]

Bump that.  

02 Feb 2007 03:19
Yes NV is a UG mnay trid to say other wise but it is what it is..As is stallion,toro and many others that claim not to be..Some of their shit is over priced many times I am getting 20ml bottles for a little over what these guys blast 10ml bottles for.  

02 Feb 2007 03:29
No their lab is in Mexico known as Bio-labs and they sell to Mexico and domestic meatheads like us but its brought in by locals down there he pays. He collects in Mexico and ships domestic.  

02 Feb 2007 03:30
so i just read a little more into the situation with "a" apparently, Anthony Roberts (for those of you who know who that is) is vouching for "a" now. In order to vouch for a source (who basically, no matter what we call them, is a drug dealer) i'd have to be in bed with them and getting a cut. so take that for whats its worth.  

02 Feb 2007 05:52
Well, i figured it wasnt unbiased. Just another side to the story. I still think A*** is a piece of S***.  

02 Feb 2007 06:23

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