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Don't use these guys ever!!!!! They are a waste of time, can't ever get an order right and the guy you communicate with is a whinny b*tch  

19 Jan 2007 21:05

Never heard of them what does the TE stand for?  

20 Jan 2007 07:21
technically enhanced and really gay. Hear of them now?  

20 Jan 2007 12:07
uh yea that is a gay name and no not heard of them..I stick with the good ones no bouncing around for me.  

22 Jan 2007 05:20
Its better to go through proven responsible labs that prehaps friends or coleges have used Bravo  

02 Feb 2007 02:52
Shit you probably already knew that though Smile your a pro in the game sorry  

02 Feb 2007 02:53
Yo im going to put some pictures on soon in a bulking i would like your expert advise thanks it would be cool if you added me thanks  

02 Feb 2007 02:54
I bought over 6k worth of stuff from the guy and he messed up 2 orders back to back and delivered anyways after to make up but I was bustin his balls the entire time. He acted like a B*tch and I said fine we will not do business.  

02 Feb 2007 02:55
Yea again very few guys can deliver and keep delivering on that much gear another reason to stick with the ones that treat it like a biz and not to be the "man".  

02 Feb 2007 03:11

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