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I have read that possession of steroids in Canada is not illegal. Is this true?:screwy:  

15 Jan 2007 19:02

I know that it is illegal where I am.  

16 Jan 2007 20:40
not illegal wher i am. but thats england Wink  

16 Jan 2007 21:32
Yes they are illegal... I will try to find my old post about canadian laws on steroids...  

16 Jan 2007 22:02
coudlnt find it... but will give you the short version.. illegal to possess, carry, distribute, anything... now as far as penalties go their are 4 classes of illegal drugs in canada... class 4 being the least severe, and class 1 being the most severe (ie cocaine, heroine). steroids in cananda under are class 4 drugs which is the least severe... still illegal, still can carry a penalty but as comparing with other drugs it is not as big as penaltyi depending on how you get caught, and the way you are caught....some peopel think they can get away with producing different steroids and not get charged because they are changing the chemical structure, however in the entire act it says "(insert drug name here) and their derivitives"... okay?  

16 Jan 2007 22:21
if you want specific penalites look up the case law yourself in the criminal code of canada  

16 Jan 2007 22:22

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