is there a tren flu like prop?

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tren just started kicking in and i feel like i have the flu,sweating all the time,cold chills,hot flashes etc.can this be or do i have a real bug?  

12 Jan 2007 01:06

haha welcome to TREN!!!  

12 Jan 2007 01:40
Tren has different reactions. It is not the "flu" those are sides you are going to have throught your cycle. Wait till you try to sleep and your head is bouncing off the pillow due to the increase in blood pressure. Or the sweats being so bad that you wake up and have to turn your pillow over cause it is so drenched.
Anxiety could also set in so make sure you note all the sides you have and let us know.  

12 Jan 2007 03:08
These posts just make me wanna do Tren asap.  

12 Jan 2007 03:10
ok.thx all  

12 Jan 2007 05:10
well the sweats have subsided,but then again i'm not at work chills which really sucked.sleep has been fine throughout.i am getting pissed off more than usual but i can control it.i do feel kinda lazy and def a loss of appetite.i'm gonna finish this cycle as planned but think i will stick with test/deca from now the deca and felt great on it.btw sex drive is way up much more than just the test.i thiught tren affected it negatively.not that i'm complaining.i'm glad i started at a low dose.300mg a week of tren  

12 Jan 2007 22:32
Tren is one of the best one to use with a stack. Although the sides is what keeps some from going back on it. I loved tren. The best gains I had where from a test/tren stack. But the sides kept me to only using it 2x. Finish your cycle and then make an educated decision afterwards.  

13 Jan 2007 22:30
wise advice regino.i already have a love/hate thing with tren.worked out today and it was amazing.strength and power!looking real good too.just feel like like i'm goning thru  

14 Jan 2007 01:53
tren is the most scary substance known to man  

16 Jan 2007 19:54
sounds like a good time.  

16 Jan 2007 19:57

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