Leg Day!!!!!!!!!!

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:banghead: i know today is going to be brutal,thats not the problem.the problem is shedding the (anything other than muscle and bone) i am big and strong and i dont have a( lot) of fat on my legs,however it seems to be impossible to get rid of what i do have........ any suggestions:banghead:  

12 Jan 2007 00:36

you cant spot reduce  

12 Jan 2007 00:38
well like arnie says....theres no such thing as spot reducing but adding muscle to that area will make it look better. lift heavy with your legs and make sure your doing squats.  

12 Jan 2007 08:49
thanks. but there must be a way to loose weight without loosing muscle.  

13 Jan 2007 02:24
well leg day was painful.However today im fine.but on a scale of one to 10 its a 3.....and i wrecked my legs last night.....is no pain good?so here is the jist my legs are big and powerful,also a little .....chubby how can i get rid of at least...the BBY in chuBBY..any suggestions?  

13 Jan 2007 02:34
Lifting heavy only isn't going to add as much mass as people say the best thing to do is add a large working load to your legs so they adapt to carrying the load and get bigger. They say moderate weight reps 8-12 but many exercises like more than 3 or 4. I've been trying to do roughly 18 sets atleast per muscle group on legs. Hams 18 quads 18 but calvesminimal they are naturally big  

13 Jan 2007 02:42
damn cani u do 18 sets just for hams?  

13 Jan 2007 04:28
[QUOTE=getnbig71]thanks. but there must be a way to loose weight without loosing muscle.[/QUOTE]

yeah its called AAS lol nah man with a good diet you can cut fat without loosing to much muscle  

13 Jan 2007 10:23
diet is probably the best was to define muscle slean up your diet and cuts will start to appear  

13 Jan 2007 20:57
Its not rocket science, very simple dieting will help you more than you think. To preserve as much muscle possible keep your protein intake high and continue with progressive overload in the gym. You gotta give your body a reason to hold onto that muscle, this is only the stimulus.  

14 Jan 2007 05:09

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