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how is viraloid and 17 hd and what type of supplement is it?  

01 Nov 2006 13:09

17 hd is a weak steroid. If youre gonna dabble on the darkside thats probably the stuff to mess with but I personally woulndt waste the money.  

01 Nov 2006 19:08
17hd is supposedly natural, i took it for a month and noticed no test suppression of any kind.  

01 Nov 2006 22:33
ya I took 17hd for a month as well. I had decent gains but was also taking other supps. Was taking creatine, whey, 17hd, and another pro test supp so to be honest Im not sure how good the 17hd was. I did feel energetic about 1/2 hour after taking it but liek others said it cost like 50 bucks online for 1 month. I personally wouldnt take it again.  

02 Nov 2006 20:14
Funny, I just got a sample in the mail of this stuff, with something else I ordered.  

04 Nov 2006 00:39
are you guys taking it daily,or just before workouts?  

09 Jun 2007 01:10

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