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taking any supplements?just with food?without loosing too much muscle gain. thanks  

06 Oct 2006 00:16

yes. ask storm...he did it  

06 Oct 2006 00:22
definetly, just have to watch the diet and cardio. Age helps too the younger the better. Wink  

06 Oct 2006 00:47
1-5% is contest BF. 8% you'd have to be dieting all the time and doing cardio. 8% is a good diet and genetics. i used to not ever go above 8.5% until i did a cycle. now i stay around 12-13%  

06 Oct 2006 01:57
water testing  

06 Oct 2006 03:28
how do u find out how much % of body fat u got??  

06 Oct 2006 04:07
[QUOTE=S.W.A.T.]how do u find out how much % of body fat u got??[/QUOTE]
At your gym they can do a skin fold test with calipers if you ask them.  

06 Oct 2006 04:25
[QUOTE=brsett]Nah, getting dunked is no better than calipers. Makes density assumptions AND no one can really get all of the air out of your lungs. Additionally its expensive and hard to find a place to do it.

But let's hear what Dex did . . .[/QUOTE]

you wanna keep going?? :rolleyes:

calipers is the best way to do it.  

06 Oct 2006 08:54
Yeah but its complicated hafta know all the right areas to do it and then foocken when you do get the measurements theres some big mathematical equation that you hafta work out this swuared that and devided by that and to the 2rd degree of this and that. you need not bad maths skills to work it out and although I am Greek this is the one Greek that would of struggled in Pythagorases class room.  

06 Oct 2006 15:32
i get mine done at my my buddy thats a trainer.with calipers....there also is some kind of electronic type of thing you can do that you hold onto and an electric current goes through your body and the current cant go through fat cells in your blood so thats how it determines the bf  

07 Oct 2006 23:14
ZYeah but that electronic thing is a load of malakies! Doesn't really work as the manufacturers claim they do - I know this from working at a company that imports scales into Australia and from my quality control testing they proved not to work.  

08 Oct 2006 04:17

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