Grrr... Messed Up Injection

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Sigh, just pulled 1cc into a needle, poked it into my shoulder, pushed the plunger and the syringe came off the needle. So there I was with a needle sticking out of my shoulder and 1cc of gear running down my arm...


29 Sep 2006 04:05

LOL for some reason that's funny to me.

You change needles after you fill the pin? I always do and make sure it's twisted really tight.  

29 Sep 2006 04:40
Nope... too cheap.  

29 Sep 2006 04:41
I'm sorry for laughing too bro. I made that mistake several times in the begining.  

29 Sep 2006 05:27
As if I am new to this... sigh, just in a hurry and forgot to tighten the pin...  

29 Sep 2006 17:48
Well, I guess tightening the pins before putting it you is probably a good habbit to get into. :D The other day I was loading 3cc's of test into a dart and the plunger came out the back and not 1 cc but 3 cc's went all over, yes I was mad but it was my own fault.  

29 Sep 2006 18:05
your fault or not i would still be bouncing off the walls! cani making rookie mistakes. im gonna have to try this 'gear' business one day. i bet you shake the ketchup bottle without the lid being on tight :laughing:  

29 Sep 2006 18:12
You little sh*t head. :D  

30 Sep 2006 01:48
[QUOTE=RHNewfie]Nope... too cheap.[/QUOTE]

i hope youre kidding.  

30 Sep 2006 02:24
I think he's serious; its not that expensive brotha to buy a 100 for like 30 bucks.  

30 Sep 2006 02:57
I got about 50 for about 5 bucks  

30 Sep 2006 05:18
Yes,,, I switch. But i am low right now so i didnt.  

30 Sep 2006 13:03
[QUOTE=RHNewfie]Nope... too cheap.[/QUOTE]
Holy shit bro. Get up of the 18 cents. im sure you could find it in your couch cushions.:laughing:  

30 Sep 2006 19:41
[QUOTE=canibalistic_js]You little sh*t head. :D[/QUOTE]

little? im over 200lbs these days cani :D before you say it. i know your bigger. (why do i take offence to the 'little' but not the 'sh*t head'?!)  

01 Oct 2006 18:42
Your just mad because your gf makes you take it.:D  

02 Oct 2006 08:51
lol that made me laugh and it was me who got burned  

06 Oct 2006 21:53
I always twist the needle tight also  

07 Oct 2006 04:10
im loving your first post caucajun!! get on general chat and introduce yourself. loking in good shape  

07 Oct 2006 22:03
wow never had that happen to me but i have poked my fingers pretty hard trying to recap the needles after injecting b4 throwin them in the garbage that gets old quick  

30 Mar 2007 06:01
my biggest rookie mistake was not asperating!:banghead: i remember the first time i didnt do it and started to freak. i think i called just about everybody but the president of the united states and asked them what was gonna happen to me! Embarassed  

30 Mar 2007 06:19

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