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i been liftin for a almost a year now i seen dramatic gains in all areas exspeacialy my chest but the thing is my upper part of my chest is getting bigger and recieving the gains while the botom part of the chest turns into fat starts making my chest look mor like a tit lol i know wut yea thinking lol

any help would be appreciated:thnks in advance  

20 Sep 2006 12:44

What is your chest training routine like? Do you focus on upper with a lot of incline but neglect flat exercises?  

20 Sep 2006 15:50
how tall are you and do you have gyno?  

20 Sep 2006 18:09
im 5"7 and wuts a gyno my routine consist of mostly 10 reps 5 sets for each incline,decline,flta  

24 Sep 2006 10:47
gyno is breast tissue. you said they tooked like tits  

25 Sep 2006 00:16
well my top half of my chest looks good got mass and everything its just the bottom half looks like it might have gyno how can i fix this any help would be appreciated  

25 Sep 2006 00:26
See a doc if you think you have gyno otherwise post a pic of your chest if you can.. its hard to say really.  

25 Sep 2006 02:09
yea i would say post a pic man  

25 Sep 2006 18:28
i was talking to this trainier at the local spa he told me i can reduce my chest by adding more decline prees's to my workout is this true  

26 Sep 2006 01:02
i dont know i need to see your chest to let you know. if you have alot of muslce up top do decline bench.  

26 Sep 2006 01:12
heres sum pics of my chest i dont it looks this way after a shower after a while my nips get puffy and stuff coudl this be affects from many year ago when i was young i was in the hospital takin in all kinda drugs since i had cancer but i over came this like maybe 5 years ago my chest started to look like this maybe a year or year and a half ago any help would be appreciated  

02 Oct 2006 13:20
it looks like u got women boobs. try to train them harder and workout the bottom and upper chest.  

02 Oct 2006 14:17
i agree.  

02 Oct 2006 15:32
yeah man just diet looks like fat to me, youll be alright  

02 Oct 2006 17:09
do incline and a lot of flat bench. its a must too much decline is gonna make ur pecs look lopsided  

06 Oct 2006 04:56

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