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So I was reading september issue of flex and Jay Cutlers is so confident that he will take Mr.Olympia this year that he said. "Bro if I don't win Mr.Olympia this year I will shave my head". Now wether or not he will actually do it if he loses will remain to be seen but you think he'd do it since its been published in a magazine and he'll look like a liar if he doesn't. I can't wait to see it if he does imo it should have been done a long time ago.  

20 Aug 2006 18:16

hahaha its his trademark. everyone wants him to shave it. you think Jay looked awesome last year (i did) i think hes going to look even better this year. hes my favorite bodybuilder and im meeting him at the mr o this year damnit!  

20 Aug 2006 21:34
Yeah he's one of my fav's and he is looking really good this year. He's coming back bigger too he wants to rival coleman for size, I would love to see him win more than I'd like to see his head shaved.  

20 Aug 2006 22:37
he came to my city and i talked to him, and he said he was gunna do it if he dint win.  

20 Aug 2006 23:20
Coleman is suppose to be hitting the stage at 300+ I saw pics of him at 325 and 8% I just don't see it happening unless Weider has finally realized it would be good for a regining Mr O to lose the title..  

20 Aug 2006 23:59
talk about the hype. we all know its politics so it would make sense to have it stripped and cause a huge discussion in the bodybuilding world. it would be talked about for YEARS

like how flex was attacked my ninjas haha  

21 Aug 2006 00:57

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