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i know ya'll are dying to see me. picture sucks and i wasnt ready for it so dont have my legs together. yes, excuses i know...but when i went to take another one the battery went low so i couldnt. very frustrating....  

15 Aug 2006 08:08

strong build man .. good work. would be good to see one bit closer.  

15 Aug 2006 10:39
Trailer Park Trash
WOA! You have nothing to complain about-- looking great!  

15 Aug 2006 17:09
Lookin cut man.  

15 Aug 2006 17:50
Great bring up the wheels and you will have great balance..Your not far off at all.  

15 Aug 2006 18:00
thanks guys. had a knee problem but found out that lifting and stretching helped out more than shots. crazy eh? so im workin on the wheels hard!!! thanks  

15 Aug 2006 18:05
Good job, r u on anything right now?  

15 Aug 2006 18:20
nope. came off a test only cycle about 5 weeks ago. lost 7 pounds of water weight right off but put on another 2-3 lbs after that. i'll be going on some test/deca here in the next month or two if my bloodwork comes back fine. might also add that IGF in the first 4 weeks too. hopefully wanting to put on a good 10-15lbs.  

15 Aug 2006 18:23
Whatd ur Test cycle look like? I know you probably posted it but i forgot,

10 week E?  

15 Aug 2006 18:25
Bro your arms have gotten massive! What are your stats? Your pumped huh?  

15 Aug 2006 18:27
8 weeks. 500mg the first week then 750mg for weeks 2-7 then week 8 i did 500mg. i start my HCG and clomid the last shot day. i know most people dont do that but i havnt ever lost a pound of muscle doing it.  

15 Aug 2006 18:28
just under 6'0" 228lbs and i guess 10-12%BF right now. yea my arms were pumped a wee bit before the picture. hehehehe  

15 Aug 2006 18:29
Jeez ur my height and +38 pounds, lol, i gotta do a nice bulk in the winter

u gain easy, Dex?  

15 Aug 2006 18:31
im always bulking Smile i didnt think i gained easy...i had the hard gainer syndrome. honestly, i ate pretty good just not enough. i have to eat atleast 5,000cals to gain. after my first cycle i learned how to eat and to keep eating. completely fell in love with this sport. i think my body reacts well to test so in that way i feel blessed.  

15 Aug 2006 18:36
How old are you, Dex?
Good job gettin all pumped at the gym for the pic.:laughing:
I would like to get a pic in the gym but I'm not big enough yet to have my bro take my pic in a gym full of people. I'd feel like a fkin idiot.  

15 Aug 2006 18:40
im 21. i know most you guys think its too young. probably is...not doing it to be the biggest guy there. i want to go pro someday...after that we will see what happens

no one was in the bathroom haha. i would feel stupid too  

15 Aug 2006 18:42
I did my 1st cycle at 26 yrs old. The only reason I didn't do it sooner is because I couldn't find any. It's your body, just use your head.  

15 Aug 2006 18:46
only thing that ever showed on a bloodtest was high blood pressure. that was because i ran EQ  

15 Aug 2006 18:47
Just don't know what long-term damage could be done having your own test shut down so much at a young age. Don't wanna find out at 35 that your nuts are dead.  

15 Aug 2006 18:51
i'll be on HRT Smile  

15 Aug 2006 18:59

I personally don't care if mine never ever work again. I personally don't want kids I'm not sure how dex feels  

15 Aug 2006 19:01
lots of kids to be adopted Wink  

15 Aug 2006 19:24
how much gear do you think creates irepairable damage to the reproduction system? seriously, lol...  

15 Aug 2006 19:34
bodybuilders have kids in their 30's. so as long as ya do it right i dont think it matters  

15 Aug 2006 19:45
I did a few cycles in my 20's and just had a kid this year. I just wonder if you were to do it hard core for several years and never come off long enough to fully recover what it would do to your test levels if and when you decide to stop.
I don't want to have to take a shot once a week for the rest of my life just so my dick will work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against juicing I have every intention of doing it again soon. It's just that I'm not interested in competing and therefore not willing to take excessive risks. But everyone has to make their own choices.  

15 Aug 2006 21:38
ok thats scared me. has anyone got a rough idea just what kind of test would need to be took to have that kind of effect? ive been wanting to go downt the test route for a good while as many of you know, but im certainly not willing to sacrifice that to get huge! i never expect to more than test cyp eq and d-bol cycles anyway...  

18 Aug 2006 19:57
All test, dianabol,and anadrol will shut down your natural testosterone production. I think the deciding factor in your recovery is the length of time you have them shut down. That's one of the reasons you cycle steroids instead of just living on them. Some people do live on them yearround. Time will tell what price they pay.  

18 Aug 2006 20:27

If I were to do a 1-10 week Test E, or sust, something just test. Then a proper 4 week PCT. How long do you think til your absolutely 100 percent back to natural. As is complete reproductive organs are at homeostasis, lol. Just wonderin...  

18 Aug 2006 21:25
[/QUOTE]How long do you think til your absolutely 100 percent back to natural. As is complete reproductive organs are at homeostasis, lol. Just wonderin...[/QUOTE]

don't know. but I remember reading a few yrs ago about the longer they are shut down continuously the harder it is for them to start back up. I don't believe everything I read but it makes sense that if you screw up hormone levels too much for too long there can be problems

Like I said, I'm not a media type trying to scare people away from roids but on the other hand they are serious drugs and nothin's free  

18 Aug 2006 22:34
protocal is 10 weeks on 10 weeks off  

18 Aug 2006 22:51
I would do more then that, probably. I am overcautious with everything related to my body, especially that area.  

18 Aug 2006 22:59
yep. i can come to terms with most side effects. but thats one i would be gutted about!!  

20 Aug 2006 14:31

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