how do u post pics?

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how do you post pics directly onto a post without a link? I have some pics that I want to post to show you all my trouble areas.  

30 Mar 2006 02:34

below the screen you type in is a button "manage attatchments" click there and find your pictures you want to post. Post only 1 per post and they will load without having to click on them.  

30 Mar 2006 02:50
well whenever i try to upload it says the pic is is too many kb's i shrink it and it still says too big.  

30 Mar 2006 03:18
no need for 2 topics mate.
well then go to and upload them there and then copy the direct link to image url and then put it in between [img] and [/img]  

30 Mar 2006 08:57
You need to re-scale the image.  

30 Mar 2006 21:36
my pics are in msoft word. so how do i rescale them?  

30 Mar 2006 21:39
You have to open the image in some software that you can rescale the image resolution and physical size. Some images taken with digital cameras at higher resolutions have a large dimensional size, like 30" X 40" just as an example. They scale to show you on your computer screen, but changing these dimensions to a 4" X 6" for example will greatly reduce the image physical size. When its scaled to view on your PC you can't really even see the difference. Also when the resolution is like 600dpi thats too high for this. All these things will bump up the size of the image.  

31 Mar 2006 18:26
start ur own thread  

16 May 2006 01:21

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