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I'm about to start back up the creatine tomorrow and I'm trying out NxCare Hyper Growth. It says for the first 5 days to take a serving in the morning and a serving right after workout. Well i plan on working out in the morning tomorrow so should i just take one after work out then later in the day?  

28 Mar 2006 07:58

take one serving after ur workout thats all  

28 Mar 2006 08:04
well I'm going to do their loading phase cuz its cheap enough where it doesnt matter and I'd feel more confident if I did...... I'm assuming ur saying to take 1 serving cuz "loading is a waste" correct?  

28 Mar 2006 08:08
anything that puts more than 5g of creatine a day in you is a waste  

28 Mar 2006 19:41
Before your workout or after though? I have heard things about doing it both ways.  

03 Apr 2006 23:45

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