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hey guys i was thinking about starting a cycle of just winny, whats the best way to do it from your exp?I want a short cycle like 4-5 weeks, and how do i incorporate nolva with it.  

15 Mar 2006 20:26


15 Mar 2006 20:55
:aah: :aah: :aah:  

15 Mar 2006 22:32
winny alone is not a good idea bro.  

16 Mar 2006 00:10
regino- i'm thinking this was a joke, at least i was hoping it was  

16 Mar 2006 00:39
I hope it;s a joke too  

16 Mar 2006 02:49
well my roomate is doin it no matter what, he dosent listen to me, and dosent really take advice...

hes doing it alone within the next month no matter what i say

and its available to him, so it is for me too.

so theres nothing i should tell him? ...  

16 Mar 2006 03:59
yea dont do it  

16 Mar 2006 04:15
He'll be sorry he did it when his joints hurt so bad.  

16 Mar 2006 04:19
yeah well ill point and laugh

i believe he plans to do 10 injections over a 5 week span . . .  

16 Mar 2006 04:37
You know better then this.  

16 Mar 2006 04:44
Well the bouncer at the bar I went to a bench press comp last week came walking up to me and said he was in a bad wreck and was in a coma so when he woke up he got on winny and lost 35lbs so it must be a good cycle..  

16 Mar 2006 05:00
instead just have your roomate send me the cash, because that's all he's doing, giving it away! or better yet, send me the winny so i can stack it!  

16 Mar 2006 19:01
that question was like asking the best way to shoot yourself...  

17 Mar 2006 02:54

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