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hi....i'm starting a second cycle, my 1st was test prop 50 mg ed & winny 25 mg ed for 4 weeks & i gained a i am 200 lb with a high precentage of fat about my second is:

week 1-4 sustanon 250 mg/week
week1-6 d-bol 20 mg ed & proviron 25 mg ed
week 6-8 clomid 100 mg ed & nolvadex 20 mg/ed

week 10-16 equipoise 200 mg/week
winny 25 mg ed
week 18-20 clomid 100 mg ed & nolvadex

so what do u think about these two cylces  

02 Mar 2006 15:13

that is the shittiest cycle ive ever seen! You aren't using enough test and for no where near long enough. I suggest you do one of two things...
1.) don't do that cycle, get your diet right and training, do more research, and apologize for even suggesting that craptacular cycle.

2.) kill yourself  

02 Mar 2006 17:33
lmao! Koda, where the hell did you get the idea that this was a good cycle??? you deffenetly need to poke around more and figure it out. its not that hard to come up with a good cycle if you know the basis.  

02 Mar 2006 17:38
Dude, you really need to run your cycles longer! That first cycle was worthless and the cycle youre about to start is a mess. Get your diet and training straight and cut some Bodyfat first cause your throwin money away on gear.

Week 1-12 sust 500mg
Week 1-12 EQ 400-600mg
week 1-4 dbol 30mg week
Pct- clomid
Keep nolva on hand cause theres a good chance for aromatization in this cycle

For a first cycle which it really would be cause the one you did already dont count, why not just do something simple:

Week 1-12 Test E 500mg


02 Mar 2006 18:24
read the steroid profiles in this forum.. soem good info there!

Im curious, please post your diet, and training program....  

02 Mar 2006 18:42
well...i've don't alot of research here & there even i bought books for mick hart & l rea & about my diet i eat 6 meals 3500 cal contains 400 gr of protien & i train in a 4 days slipt chest/tri , back/bi , shoulders , legs & i don't do cardio at all & plz don't just tell me thats a poor cycle, give me suggestion for a short cycle 6-8 weeks  

02 Mar 2006 20:54
ok, just run test at 500mg/wk  

02 Mar 2006 21:51
[QUOTE=koda] give me suggestion for a short cycle 6-8 weeks[/QUOTE]

prop 150mg eod 8 weeks
dbol 1-6 30mg ed

proper pct.

this is IF YOU ARE SET ON RUNNING A CYCLE. Otherwise id say, get your bluber butt in the gym and do some cardio and get your diet in check.  

02 Mar 2006 22:15
bump fad. the only test besides susp worth running for that short amount of time is prop. for a first cycle, i would just run the prop for 8 weeks and do proper pct  

02 Mar 2006 22:40
test prop is no more available here in egypt.....all i've got is dbol & winny sustanon & deca & if i find test prop it will be no more than 12 amp 25mg/cc:(  

02 Mar 2006 23:05
then you are going to have no other choice but to run the cycle longer than 8 weeks if you want to do it right...
sust week 1-12 1 cc eod  

02 Mar 2006 23:13

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