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I was wondering if anyone could assist me on something. I am beginning my bodybuilding training, and I am, of course, a beginner. I was at one point very built and trim, but after getting ill, my body lost a lot of the "look".

I am getting back into the gym headstrong. I am wanting to take 2 different supplements to help increase my energy, stamina, etc.

Is it ok to take [B]Methyl Drol XT[/B] and [B]NO-Explode [/B] together during routine workouts?


10 Jan 2006 03:13

im pretty sure it wont hurt yea man:)  

12 Jan 2006 04:59
First how old are you?

and well Methyl-drol XT i'm sure will cause AMAZING pumps. I wouldnt add a NO product to that. The pumps might be to painful to handle. Thats my opnion.. I wouldnt do it...

is it ok? = yes

would you need to?= NO

let us know with the age. and dosages for the Mdol.


12 Jan 2006 06:23

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