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I wonder what they used as bait.Cats?  

21 May 2004 23:28

imagine roasting that on the BBQ  

26 May 2004 01:43
I have caught some pretty big fish in my life. I even caught a catfish that was 4-4.5 foot in length. The problem I had was that my hook was barely large enough to actually snag. This fish was lethargic, so it made reiling him in a little easier too.

What do you think are the chances that someone could catch a fish with normal sized trout and bass hooks? They must have known that the fish was there and where is was.

One last question and remark. First, where are the barbs? Second, ebaulms world photo shops alot of their stuff.  

26 May 2004 02:00
oh yeah bro.. no doubt it was photo shopped... you like to ruin threads bro?  

26 May 2004 02:03
I actually made my reply just for you A.B. I remember you telling me I wrecked the nipple thread, so I couldn't let you down on this one. lol  

26 May 2004 02:14

26 May 2004 02:21
that is an actual pic of a flathead catfish.. cant remember where it was caught, but it looks bigger here than in the actaul pic that I originaly saw..
I used to have a pic of a flathead that weighed 139lbs, it was 6 1/2 foot long, caught here in the arkansas river about 20 years ago on a snag line..  

26 May 2004 02:49

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