liquid clomid tastes like ass

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does anyone have anything they do so this doesn't taste so nasty? i could taste it for like 4 hours after i took it and i brushed my teeth about six times.  

08 Dec 2005 01:24

I know the feeling but...One question still remains... How do you know what a$$ tastes like? ...  

08 Dec 2005 01:33
just mix it with diet coke. works for me.  

08 Dec 2005 01:43
grapefruit juice is best  

08 Dec 2005 01:52
[QUOTE=Storm]grapefruit juice is best[/QUOTE]
I concur.  

08 Dec 2005 03:43
I HATE! Grapefruit juice. HATE HATE HATE IT! Nasty!!!  

08 Dec 2005 04:03
for getting full use out of any orals you can't beat it..Most I hear who don't like it have a sweet tooth they baby so maybe that is your problem..  

08 Dec 2005 04:09
I definitely have a sweet tooth. I go to the gas station at least 3x a week late at night to get some ding dongs and yoo hoo's. I love my sweets.  

08 Dec 2005 04:13
I love grapefruti juice with orasls I relly believe it works better that way  

08 Dec 2005 08:41
Oh it does the glucose in GFJ is very close to the glucose in our bodys and it helps let orals pass through better and absorb...All timed meds you are told not to take it with GFJ expecailly meds for serious diseases it can rally mess up things since you would absorb them at a faster and more of it...  

08 Dec 2005 18:42
i used orange juice this morning and it worked great.  

08 Dec 2005 23:31
Grapefruit juice!! We did not say ORANGE JUICE!! .. Wink
whatever works :D  

10 Dec 2005 23:27
Well OJ does not work anyhwhere near as well plus it is much more acidic so take that in to consideration also..  

11 Dec 2005 00:02

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