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6'5'' tall
280 lbs
35% bf
I have been training on and off for 5 years and I'm am looking to take some test and winni but I don't know how much is a safe amount to take and when I should take it  

04 Dec 2005 07:35

What kind of test do you have.Just take that first and you'll get amazing results for your first time.
but after re-reading your post maybe you should try to lose some weight first and see what you look like after that.  

04 Dec 2005 08:15
the test is propionate  

04 Dec 2005 18:09
If you were to take that I would take 100mg Every Other Day(EOD) for 6-10 weeks.
As your receptors are real fresh you could get away with a shot Every 2-3 Days and make great gains.
Having that much BF on may make you look a little more puffy since you will start to retain more water......(just my 2cents there)  

04 Dec 2005 18:59
Why take winny it is pointless..  

05 Dec 2005 02:16
I think he was thinking of running winstrol Because people think winny= fatloss and cutting; instead of diet and cardio.  

05 Dec 2005 03:03
actually I do cardio and all that, I was thinking of taking winstrol because someone told me that it will get rid of some of the water retention that test causes  

05 Dec 2005 05:08
nope winny is a hardener that is it..the confusion comes from it being used for contest which is where it is best used or for those that are below the 7% bf range...  

05 Dec 2005 05:18
I see  

05 Dec 2005 05:20
I would lose weight before doing a cycle... thats just my opinion... if you need help with diet and training, please post up in the appropriate forums  

05 Dec 2005 16:37
I agree with AB  

05 Dec 2005 17:39
Another great thing about losing the weight before cycle is after putting yourself through a calorie deficit/catbolic stage for an elongated period of time, your body will be VERY ready to grow.

Good times.  

05 Dec 2005 22:12
if your gonna be taking winny it will dry up your joints and make you more prone to injuries. I would run anavar or equipoise with it so it make your ligaments and tendons stronger. Also when taking test you could end up being injured trying to lift too much weight the anavar and equip will protect you from injuries. just my 02.  

06 Dec 2005 19:43

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