am a little concerned,please help

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i just did a delt shot.when i aspirated no blood .but after i injected when i pulled needle out a rush of blood came.for a sson as i pulled the needle out blood came then i put pressure on the spot with a cotton ball and no more blood.did i inject into a vein or maybe just passed thrue one?should i be wife is freaking out thanks  

04 Dec 2005 01:46

Your fine it happens a ttimes..You just nicked a vein that is all nothing to worry sbaout...It is very hard to inj direct into a vein very hard to do especaill when doing a self inj which most of us do...So stop worrying your fine...Storm  

04 Dec 2005 02:03
thanks storm.that's what i figured.just wanted a pro's opnion to make sure  

04 Dec 2005 02:14
storms a pro? :D guess that makes me a bodybuilding god  

04 Dec 2005 05:50
[QUOTE=A.B]storms a pro? :D guess that makes me a bodybuilding god[/QUOTE]
:laughing: :laughing:  

04 Dec 2005 08:16
thanks to all the pro's ,wannabe pro's and of course bodybuilding gods.LOL  

04 Dec 2005 09:57
[QUOTE=A.B]storms a pro? :D guess that makes me a bodybuilding god[/QUOTE]

Even the gay lifestyle needs a god...Glad it is you AB...  

05 Dec 2005 02:17
Someone blow the whistle! lol  

05 Dec 2005 02:47
Is that what AB calls it?? eez I could have come up with somehting better the whistle...  

05 Dec 2005 03:37
Like busted vein? lmao  

05 Dec 2005 04:21
why do i feel the need to go to the opera and do some interior decorating.i better leave this thread before it's too  

05 Dec 2005 05:15

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