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Hey guys... I got a weird question for you.

I absolutly need to gain 9-10 lbs in a bit over a month, im a boxer and my coach is giving me a dead line to hit this weight. If I weight in at a lower weight i might get kicked out. I dont gain weight easy and well its nearly impossble for me to put on even a single pound.

my coach might seem hard on me to gain this weight but i had mono last year and lost 10 lbs from in and never gained it back.

Im hearing that d-bol is a farely good roid in meaning that its the safest with most gaines. I know that a d-bol cycle on its on is shitty. i was thinking of taking the pill format just for a month. I also know that once you stop, you loose about half of the weight gained. So i need to know if its possible to gain neer 10 lbs in a month doing this.

also if someone can suggest the amount i should take threw out the cycle.

thx alot  

30 Nov 2005 04:31

whats your age?  

30 Nov 2005 07:01
if you need to gain 10 lbs in a month,i think you can do that without roids.i sugest you eat alot of carbs and healthy fats such as natural peanut butter,brown rice,yams oatmeal.even milk(maybe not fat free)eat that stuff right before bed and no cardio or very little.i think you'll do fine IMO  

30 Nov 2005 07:04
Im 20 been working out for 7 straight years.

hmm ive tried eating... i swear my metabolisme must be running at full capacity. i use to eat neer 5k cals a day... making sure i eat lots of carbs. and still i couldnt gain.

is there such a thing maybe as an apetite enhancer.. ive heard of some shit called vito salevo or something but its a rip off. Is there any other stuff out there?

also, i think im ready for juice. Ive already experimented lots with all sorts of supplemets. but i really dont feel like ****ing myself up.. im a noob when it comes to anabolics and would hate to hurt myself trying it out.  

30 Nov 2005 10:11
Just eat alot more.Eat alot before going to bed.Don't use any drugs.They will not get you what you want in such a short time.Drink a weight gainer shake 3-4 times a day.  

30 Nov 2005 16:44
ok will do.... thx alot!

i got a question, just curious tho like when taking juice does it alter ur mental state as well?? like does it give you a buzz or a type of feeling of well being or depression?  

30 Nov 2005 21:28
Personally it makes me feel a better quality of life or sense of well being.  

30 Nov 2005 21:33
hmmm seems interesting.. i wonder if it could make me feel better in the ring, Im already 16-5 and well if they dont catch me with that in my blood, maybe i can boost up my ratings.  

30 Nov 2005 21:42
ohhh and back on the eating thing.... i drink loads of fluids a day (lots of water and juices) could that be a reason why i cant gain weight? should i slow down?  

30 Nov 2005 21:44
Drinking fluids should have no bearing on your weight gain. It's a healthy thing to do, though. So keep doing it.

I know you think your eating a TON, but I can gaurantee if you dont feel like puking every second of the day, your not eating enough to gain the maximum amount of weight.  

30 Nov 2005 21:47
hahaha... so forcing stuff down isnt a health issue?  

30 Nov 2005 21:53
I do it every day buddy. I hate eating and have to force every meal down my throat every couple of hours. I LOVE dieting just for the simple fact that I don't have to eat so damned much.  

30 Nov 2005 21:57
i hear that tom.i upped my calories for this cycle and i cant stand the sight of food.its a huge amount when you're eating only clean food.and the poor wife walks around with coconut spray.LOL  

30 Nov 2005 22:56
I got to the point whe I was buking that if I didn't have a meal every 2-3 hours I was feeling bad.I worked so much that food was my escape from the office in a sense.So bulking was easy after a few months.It took awhile when I came off to get back to normal eating habits but its strange almost.  

01 Dec 2005 07:28
take have to eat alot or you get sick. personally i love eating but having to prepare meals is the shitty part  

01 Dec 2005 20:41

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