Is IGF-1 going to mess with my natural test levels?

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I wanted to know mainly because I was thinking of using with PCT.  

29 Nov 2005 22:11

No, if anything, it will boost your natty test levels  

29 Nov 2005 22:15

29 Nov 2005 22:17
ya what he said. I haven't taken IGF but I know many people include it in their PCT. Also I am told that if you run IGF during your cycle it helps to prevent testicular atrophy.  

29 Nov 2005 22:21
Anyfollow up on PGF-2 the massive size stuff.  

29 Nov 2005 22:28
Niet, Nien, No.

It's a struggle looking for that stuff. Hey Feds! hook a brother up, you know you got some sitting in a locker room somewhere.  

30 Nov 2005 00:19
lmao no shit eh  

30 Nov 2005 01:02
PGF-2 id not owrht it and IGF will and can raise test levels to a degree..Your really talking about some expebsive top level stuff so do't waste it IMO if you not at a certain level then whyuse it alot of geat can be bought for what you pay for that stuff and to use it right you had better know your shit in and out of the gym...Storm  

30 Nov 2005 01:39
Thanks for that but what would you recommend? :D  

30 Nov 2005 02:22
for what?  

30 Nov 2005 02:56
Nevermind Storm Thanks for your input. :D  

30 Nov 2005 18:44
Well, ok in place of IGF-1 what would you recommend for something with PCT for a bridge? I'm planning on running IGF-1, I'm confident and I have heard great things and I have access to it at a decent price. Cool If you say it's a waste; what would you recommend as an alternative? :confused:  

01 Dec 2005 03:23
NO never said IGF was a waste I said PGF-2 was a waste..I also said IGF is better left to people who are at a certain level and really know the ins and outs of their body diet and training..

The fact you are even sayin bridge is really outdated as if your doing your shit right getting bloodwork done and watchin your health it is just better to stay on..B/c in plain english a"bridge" means your not coming off anyways..Var is popular for that and 10mg of d-bol first thing in the am...But again my point is do those before doing IGF your gonna spend at leat $300 for your bridge so there are alot of other things that can be done inistead of IGF and to really do IGF right you had better eat like there is no tomorrow massive amounts of food thatis where most fail...  

01 Dec 2005 04:27
I can't stop eating when on IGF. Food is yummy!  

01 Dec 2005 04:36
Matt Daniels
I ate a small dinosaur once  

04 Dec 2005 09:12

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