quick creatine question?

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i have some cellmass.....im 16 and i take it after my workout....how much should i be taking....  

29 Nov 2005 07:17

i would take before and after workout. how much u weigh? i would say under 225 take 10g per day, over 225 take 15 g per day...that is 10 or 15g or creatine, let alone the other stuff in there...  

29 Nov 2005 16:16
Matt Daniels
Defiently not I would say take 1 scoop in the morning after eating and the one after your workout on workout days then just take one scoop on off days because of the price of the stuff....its pretty potent so 1 scoop on off days should be enough it says two but I think they;re just going for extra cash  

29 Nov 2005 17:26

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