A little pissed off.

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So I drive all the way across town to get some syringes at Shoppers.
I go in...
I stand in line. ..

The man says "Can I help you"
Me: "yes, I would like a few 3cc syringes"
man: "what for?"
Me "Just some personal reasons, it's not really any of your business, anyways".
Man: "Well, of course it is"
Me: "Are you a Doctor?"
him: "I'm a Pharmactical"
Me: "Are you a Doctor?"
him: "no"
I just stood there and looked at him like 'are you going to sell me them or not"
Me: "I want to make a complaint about you"
Him: *laughs*
Me: "Who do I complain to?"
Him: "I don't know"
Me: "You don't have a boss or supervisor?"
Him: "Yes, I have one"
Me: "What's you're name, you're not wearing a name tag".
Him: " my name is ...... so and so."
Me: "Thank you"
Him: "You have problems, big problems."

At this point I'm almost losing it.

Me: "you're an asshole and you need to work on your customer skills" I than walk away and drove somewhere else.

I'm just wondering if I was in the 'wrong' here. ?
I've never had this problem before. I've been going there all along and I've never been asked what I'm using the syringe for.
In my opinion, if I'm using it for Heroin, b12 or whatever else, why does he care, and why can he refuse to sell me something thats legal?

Shortz, any advice?  

25 Nov 2005 05:30

They do have the ability to turn down needles to you and I suppose syringes to you also. It's pretty standard to ask what you need them for, but I am not sure of the lagality of them asking. Here in the states, asking what you need them for is a little sketchy because it's borderline with our HIPAA laws, in which you are not obligated to tell someone anything about your health, but at the same time, they may be able to refuse sale too.

Check with your local laws, but I am pretty sure that stores have their own policies on this subject. If I were you, I would not have acted like you did simply because the second you give them a reason to worry, they are most likely told to refuse sale of them. You should have just said they were for B12 and/ or that you have o give yourself medications twice a month for allergies or some shit.  

25 Nov 2005 05:51
Why not HRT? I would have been mad.  

25 Nov 2005 06:57
he has the right to refuse anything in the shop. he could refuse to sell you dypers if he wanted to! but he doesnt have the right to be a d*** head. i'd have asked him to step outside n teach him some manners "get some customer service skills or get this... BOOM" very simple teaching method :P  

26 Nov 2005 14:10

Thats wierd because this same thing just happend to me. My problem is that i live in a small town and i ahd to go to our pharmacy. Now keep in mind that they know my parents. I never thought that thye would question me because i go there to get alot of my Vit./supps.

well i pretty much just walk in there and say i need a 3cc syringe with no needle..And the next question is..."what for" and i was kinda shocked when they asked..so i thought fast and told them that our dog jsut had puppies and we have to measure out medicines for them..(Our tea cup yorkie was ALMOST in labor 2days later she had them)..

but i too was kinda mad because damn..Its jsut not their business..

i look at it like this....They ask me "What do you need it for"
we should say

"The Same reason you sell them for"

but yea thats a little summary of my story...


26 Nov 2005 17:07
live and learn, right? :D

I should of just said 'im using it for b12 injections'.  

26 Nov 2005 19:46
i get no questions asked :D  

27 Nov 2005 22:15
up where my parents live i asked and the guy said for intramuscler blah blah. i said yes and he gave me 23g instead of the 25g i asked for. so he helped me out. down where i live no one will give them out except for this one place where they charged me a buck a needle. lame...and i even had a perscription!!  

27 Nov 2005 22:33
in my state they only sell needle and syringe attached.you can't buy separate and they dont come apart.so i get my stuff from getpinz.com
they are quick.i think i got it in like 3 or 4 days  

28 Nov 2005 06:54
i wouldve been pissed, probably done the same  

28 Nov 2005 07:28

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