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i've only done 1 shot of sustanon and 200 eq last week,but yesterday's workout was unbeleivable.the pump i got was not like anything iv ever felt.
i had some great pumps before but this was heavenly.its only been 1 week so i cant see how its the juice.do you think the short esters in the sust have something to do with it.or could it be all in my mind.anyway i cant wait to do legs today.  

24 Nov 2005 19:42

The prop is starting to kick in.  

24 Nov 2005 19:44
prop kicks in within 1 to 2 weeks. Cyp and Enan take about 4 weeks  

25 Nov 2005 00:31
very cool.i can't wait for all of it to kick in.thanks guys  

25 Nov 2005 08:53
i remember the first time i got my huge PUMP. freakin love it. workin out your arms then getting home and have them still be pumped. hmmm i love it  

27 Nov 2005 23:00
yea,im trying to show a little patience,but i really cant wait until it all kicks in .the sust and eq  

28 Nov 2005 02:29

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