i broke my steroid cherry

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well about an hr ago i just did my first shot.250 mg sustanon and 200 mg eq in my delt.i know some people say this is not enough to do a good cycle weekly for 10 weeks,but its my first and i think it'll be fine.needle went in like through butter.i did everything by the book. a little pain now but hopefully it'll be gone soon.i have delt training tommorow.after i withdrew the needle however i got a little dizzy,had to sit down.but that passed after 2 minuetes.wierd,cuz needles don't bother me.anyway just wanted to spread the good word,i'll keep you all posted  

20 Nov 2005 04:15

Start eating right now. I want you to wake up out of your sleep and go to the fridge. Get yourself a steak and eat it raw. EAT eat eat. Eat food. The more, the bigger.

Have fun and make sure you ask questions if you have any.  

20 Nov 2005 12:04
will do.thxs tom.im trying to type faster but its hard with this half a cow in one hand and 4 chickens in other  

20 Nov 2005 16:33
make sure u rub yourt shoulder and let the oil move around or you mgiht get some nice pains tomorrow.

I always try and give a site a day or 2 before I'm gonna work it... sucks when u wake pu the next day and your too sore to train.  

20 Nov 2005 18:46
yea i massaged my shoulder for 10 min right after shot.today im a little sore,but not bad.not like how i've read some people get.i'. m gonna train in about an hr,so we'll see how it goes.i think i might move delt day to wed  

20 Nov 2005 21:39
i get alot more sore in my delt than in my glute. i love it in my butt! haha  

21 Nov 2005 01:24
hey, check it out, it's CUTS!  

21 Nov 2005 01:27

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