here my next run

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well heres my next run starting in feb
denkal Anadrol 75 enough for 8 weeks
test ethenate 750mg a week for 12 weeks
deca 400 mg per weeks for 8 weeks
nolva 20 mg every other day.and of couse 4500mg milk thistle three times a day ed gota protect that liver.I am expecting good gains off this .any advice  

19 Nov 2005 19:27

Drop the milk thistle. Supposedly it has anti-anabolic properties in higher dosages. Go to@@@@@@ and pick up some SYNTHERGINE. it's a liver protectant that you inject every third day while on heavy androgens.

Other than that, why run Anadrol?

***Lets leave that link off for now till I talk to Admin**  

19 Nov 2005 22:24
u need more decca use it for 10 weeks  

20 Nov 2005 01:14
Deca and A-50 is a no no..  

20 Nov 2005 03:02
why can i run deca with a75.whats the no no about it.  

21 Nov 2005 23:19

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