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I'm curious.... people aways say that you'll gain more mass if you don't take l-dex to keep the bloat off. How big of a difference do you think this makes for keepable gains? I mean I can understand you weigh more because you'll hold more water, but how much do you think it effects your growth. What's your guys thoughts and experiences?  

18 Nov 2005 03:35

I thought all ant-e block gh and igf-1. IMO it depends on the cycle. If you're running 50-100mgs of d-bol and 600mgs of deca and 1gm of test I don't thinkit should make much of a difference but at a low dose or cutting cycle, which I ahve been doing none or minimal.

That's my educated guess.  

18 Nov 2005 03:40
wow that funny you threw those numbers out. Are you tracking my posts? I plan on 1g of test e 400-600mg of deca and 50mg dbol at the beginning and suspension at the end. And what happend to my PM??? I thought you wanted to PM me, you made me clean it out for nothing. Bastard. :D  

18 Nov 2005 03:52
No prob. Great minds... :D I was just saying hello!  

18 Nov 2005 04:02
by keeping the water off you gian less weight... the extra water will allow you ot weigh more nad move bigger weihgts easier. so the more weight u move the more u can stimulate your muscles.

some also say using anti-e's can surpess estrogen too much and that you need some estro to grow.... I've never seen a study on this but it was a knowledgeable person who posted it  

18 Nov 2005 06:28
I'm going to give it a try without the l-dex but I'll have some on hand along with nolva.  

18 Nov 2005 07:23

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