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i've started my first cycle with test eth & deca & dbol....i've been less than a week & i feel sick & depressed :ohcrap: & lazy :sleep: ......what should i do?,should i stop ?,or should i just continue my cylce coz anyway i'll hve side effects

weight :190 lb
height :176 cm
training : 6 months

500 mg test eth / week........8 weeks long
50 mg deca / day................6 weeks long
30 mg dbol / day.................4 weeks long
10 mg nolva / day...............12 weeksa long

till now i took 5oo mg test & 200 mg deca & 90 mg dbol
i wish i could find help from u guys........thanx  

14 Nov 2005 12:40

well you should have done some damn research before starting cause Im' not sure where u got that info but it sucks

runniong long esters for 8 weeks is just wrong

training for 6 mnoths and using gear is STUPID

now that I hope u feel like and idiot I'll see if I can bail ur ass out.

since decca and test E both will not kick in for 4weeks it is either in ur head or the dbol

so drop the dbol give it a week and then see how u feel

only other thing I can think of is you didn't use proper injection technuques and possiably contracted and infection or the gear was dirty ( less likely)  

14 Nov 2005 17:11
8 weeks is stupid so how long do u mean........  

14 Nov 2005 19:28
I think he was trying to say:

d-bol 30mgs ed weeks 1-4or5
test e- mon. 250 thrsorfri 250 week 1-10
deca 400mgs weeks 1-10
nolvadex/idex and bromo/b-6 as needed

then PCT
Arimidex everyday
HCG 3000ius a week divided into even doses weeks 1-3or4

bump smallguy do your research.  

14 Nov 2005 19:40
some people also get "test flu" that will last a week or so. dbol makes me pretty tired, but you'll get through it or you can drop them it's your choice. Oh ya and I second everything smallguy said.  

14 Nov 2005 21:23
I got test flu right now, but I'm not a little whiney bitch about it!!!!

Just kidding Koda, I'm just giving you a hard time. I do have test flu and it sucks ass. I'm almost over it, but you just gotta keep on trucking through it bro. If in fact that's what it is.  

14 Nov 2005 21:44
[QUOTE=koda]8 weeks is stupid so how long do u mean........[/QUOTE]

decca and Test E both do not kick in for 4 weeks

so if ur running a compuond for 8 weeks u only get 4 weeks of use out of it

by extending your cycle to 10 or 12 weeks you getitng 6-8 weeks of the compund being active at the dose your injecting. once u so injecting the test will slowly lower in yuor systewm generally 3 weeks after is when you start your post cycle therapy.  

15 Nov 2005 02:42
i've stopped taking dbol & deca & also nolva i'll continiue test eth for 10 weeks.......i feel better now......but what should i take to prevent the side effects ??  

15 Nov 2005 12:06
the nolva u are taking will counter the gyno. But don't take it unless you feel itchy nipples.

Only other side effects are muscle growth and I don't think you want to counter that side.  

15 Nov 2005 20:21
what sides are you talking about? Acne take b5, gyno sounds like you have it covered, testicular atrophy HCG (this is not necissary but helps), any others that you are concerned about?  

15 Nov 2005 20:33
i don't have any side effect but i just want to decrease the possabilties of it  

15 Nov 2005 21:40
Test only for a first cycle!!!

I love 8 week cycles and they work great for me....week 9 and 10 I'm still gaining....but some people love the 10-12 week idea, it's a personal issue you will have to learn for yourself.

Good luck bro.  

20 Dec 2005 01:24

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