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I am coming to the end of my cycle 4 weeks left.I ran 1000mg a week of test cyp,d bol,winny.I went from 230 to 255 ht is 6'.I am thinking of staying on for another 10 weeks.this time running sustanon 250,dball,deca..I am also going to start taking clenbuteral while im on the cycle to help rid the body fat a little faster.Any advice on what to add or take away would be of great help.  

09 Nov 2005 19:44

If you are going to stay on stay on. 2 wks of PCT isn't going to do shit.  

09 Nov 2005 19:54
also taking 2 kinds of 17aa gear is not recommended.Hope you got liver protection going on.
Taking those kinds of gear for more than 6 weeks is not realy good on the liver and body.  

10 Nov 2005 16:56

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