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If I were to go on a 2 month cycle of d'bol(at a dosage thats recommended bey you guys, how much could it be expected that my bench may go up?(its at 285 max right now, ive always had trouble gaining substantial strength on my bench, I do high weight low rep sets only once a week, and exaple of a workout would be normal bench press 5x5(reps being the 1st number and sets the 2nd), incline bench 5x5, dumbell flys 5x5, Ive noticed that this has worked the best for strength gains for me ( its not a very long workout but its worked the best for me)  

05 Nov 2005 05:06

What is your age?
How tall are you?
What is your weight?
How long have you been training?
What is your routine like?
What is your diet like?
Why the heck would you want to run D-bol for 2 month? Have you thought about your liver?
Do you know what D-bol does?
Do you know what doses you would take?
Why are you so concerned about how much your bench will go up?
Have you done your research?

If you are looking for just strength on your bench, maybe you should think about taking a different route rather than taking just d-bol.. I'm sure any of the vets here would have no problem helping you out with your diet. Gymphreak is the man to talk to. He's into the powerlifting business.  

05 Nov 2005 05:18
ok I guess I kinda asked that question wrong, I just heard that it really helps with strength gain? is this true, I also planned on using other recommended types of steroids, im 5'10", 190, and im 18...I know Im young, but Ive made up my mind, I want to reach my full potential, to tell the truth I dont know too much about steroids and yes I have been reading steroid profiles all day and researching for about the past month, Im gonna learn more and more, Im not about to be stupid about it, What type of gains have some of you noticed using steroids?, are the gains as powerful as I hear or is it just some superstitious claim, I dont want to use them unless they are worth it, The longer I write the dumber I sound so im bout to stop, I just want to know do they really help?  

05 Nov 2005 05:38
Do they work? Ofcourse they do.
But a better question would be, have you reached your plateau at the age of 18?
Would it be necessary to take steroids while you are still growing?

Steroids react differently throughout each individual. Depending on your diet, knowledge and goal, there shouldn't be a problem for someone to gain 10 to even 20 pounds on a cycle. There's alot of info. that I could get into, but to answer your question, yes, they do work with the combination of your DIET and routine.

It's good that you are doing your research. The only way you'll learn is to keep asking questions.  

05 Nov 2005 05:52
I agree with Aaaron

and if you've done research for a month and don't know these simple BASIC questions you need to do more research  

05 Nov 2005 06:49
I just wanted to know firsthand from people whove used them, to be honest it feels like its a really complicated process to like use them and knowing how to use them right  

05 Nov 2005 07:16
is also true that u lose a lot of ur gains when u go off?  

05 Nov 2005 07:58
yes because u gan alot of water u wil drop that water... you should be able to keep the muscle if you keep ur diet in check and follow proper post cycle therapy  

05 Nov 2005 17:17
Yeah, Im 17, Ive done not even just over half a cycle of test and im calling it quits, Im too young to be doing this and I want to at least grow a couple more inches. Also, this puffiness in my face is getting out of hand...  

09 Nov 2005 22:27

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