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I started some Super Test 250 3 weeks ago and originally had some clomid's lined up for pct when i'm done with the test. Well, unfortunately the clomid's fell through and now i have no plan for PCT. Can anyone offer any advice as to what i can do? Should i ween myself off of the Super Test? Is there something over the counter that would help at all. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks,


31 Oct 2005 17:07

First off let this be a lesson to you never start a cycle until you have everything you need. You can get nolva or clomid from a research company adn that's what I would suggest. I try not to mention wepages but I'll give you one http://fusionlabsupply.com/ but there are a ton out there. remember nolva and clomid have different names so look at the research chems at whatever company you go with and look up the chemical name.  

31 Oct 2005 17:35
is 30ml of liquid clomid enough? how much/often would you take it after a cycle?  

31 Oct 2005 22:41
ed at about 50-100mgs/ w/ nolvadex.  

31 Oct 2005 22:59
You don't even know how to take it?
Time to learn something around here bro.Use the search function and get to reading.There is a clo schedule here.Look in a sig too.Good luck.
BTW,welcome to BBF.  

01 Nov 2005 06:17
This is funny.  

01 Nov 2005 08:19
how many ml's is 50/100 mg's a day? is liquid clomid okay?  

01 Nov 2005 09:10
Can anyone help me out with this? I want to order it but it comes in 30 ml bottles that can be broken up into 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1mL increments. How much would i want to take as far as ml's are concerned? Thanks in advance.


ps. i had already done all the reading as far as pills go and had them all lined up but a buddy of mine "lost them". i'm just unsure on this whole liquid thing.  

02 Nov 2005 17:15
I am almost positive that the liquid Clo that you are looking at ordering is 50mg/ml. take 2ml daily for a week and then go to 1ml every other day for two to three weeks after that and you should be cool. Don't forget Nolva if your nips are itchy.  

02 Nov 2005 21:32
you should find out what ester Super t has in so you will know exactly when to start your Clo after your last shot.Is it 3 days,10 days or 14 days?

Also the liquid comes in certain mg.Usually 50.If you knew how many mg pils were just use the same in liquid.One ml is the norm dose to use.If its 50mg/ml go from there.
To get 100mg you would have to take 2ml.  

03 Nov 2005 16:59
2 questions...

1. how do i know what esther is in my supertest?

2. has anyone else used liquid clomid? i received mine today and it says something about putt it in warm water and shaking it so it doesn't "suspend". i'm slightly confused.  

21 Nov 2005 05:27
can anyone answer this? i took my last shot yesterday and i want to start the clomid on time. thanks.  

30 Nov 2005 18:19
oh boy...just follow the directions! and start taking it now. forget about the ester! i would just take it 3 days after my last shot  

01 Dec 2005 20:50
WOW, This stuff tastes like SHIT. Does anyone have anything they do to kill the taste at all? I took it about an hour ago and i still have this nasty taste in my mouth.  

07 Dec 2005 06:01

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