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Hi guys
Just have a question about a up coming cycle of supplements I want to stack:
I’m planing to take Fizogen Blitz, Protein, Omega 3, Multivitamin, Tribulis and ZMA. do you see any problems?
I’m 25 years old. 6’1’’ 230Lbs. 16% bodyfat
Thanks for any feedback  

23 Sep 2005 16:40

nope, looks good  

23 Sep 2005 16:55
I read some bad reviews on the Fizogen products after I ordered mine (BLITZ)? Most of the people critiquing the Fizogen products never tried the stuff, Is this true or just a bad fame for Fizogen
Anyone try this?  

23 Sep 2005 18:01
i haven't taken it, what's in it?  

23 Sep 2005 18:46
dont take Fizogen...its way too much and i never heard anything about it. Get P6 or T-Bomb II. those work pretty well for what they are.  

23 Sep 2005 22:48
hey man, i jsut got done with blitz cycle, and it was a waste of 100 dallors, it did give me a pretty good pump and that, but i wouldnt neevr buy it aignai dont think.  

24 Sep 2005 00:48
Lean Machine
I see alot aloy of the Fizogen Blitz, whats in it? The T-Bomb II and T3 are good products. Anybody have feedback on 6-Oxo?  

26 Sep 2005 02:38

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