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do you guys reccomend HGH for me, im 19 (what exactly does it do?) ... and what brand or type should i use.


06 Sep 2005 00:06

NO! HGH is for advanced users, I wouldn't recommend AAS to you let alone HGH. You still have alot of natural growing to do.  

06 Sep 2005 00:42
lol sorry just askin, cause im curious considering i live on campus and half my friends/roomates are all taking somethin  

06 Sep 2005 01:15
Well it's something I wouldn't think about unless you have a few cycles under you belt at least, but 19 is pretty young.  

06 Sep 2005 02:20
yeah i know i was just wondering.... i didnt know hgh was that serious... can you explain what it does exactly please  

06 Sep 2005 02:45
Well what the positive effect is that it causes muscle hyperplasia, which means it increases the number muscle cells. Where when you get larger muscle from working out right now it's do to hypertrophy where you increase the size of existing cells. some other sides Hypoglycemia- due to lowered insulin levels, Aromeglia- (abnormal bone growth) GH does not cause it, but if you are predisposed to it, it will speed it up, GH gut- if predisposed and taking large doses of GH, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Soreness in Joints

I'll try and post some research articles.  

06 Sep 2005 03:00
Well shit, all the article are too long to post in one post and I'm too lazy right now to make multiple post. I'll try and get back to it.  

06 Sep 2005 03:03
wait til your 25+  

10 Sep 2005 05:51

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