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Recently, I asked a "how to" question that fell along the lines of how do I cut T400. Now, I am preparing my second bottle and I cut it with grapeseed oil. My question to you all is do I use a whatman filter or can I just steralize the oil and cut it?  

18 Aug 2005 06:45

I just don't get the cutting thing..The main idea of getting the higer dose products is to cut down on the vol of oils to inj..Yet you have crappy ass gear like T-400 that will light you up from top to bottom and IMO is underdosed(denkall) so why go and add over 1ml to it when that would make it T-200...Get it??? Oh and that is a first for me grapeseed oil..  

18 Aug 2005 16:09
I was informed on this board to use grapeseed oil to lower the dose. Have you ever used T400...I took 2cc my first inj and I had to take two days off because it felt like I was kicked by a mule. I still use 800mg a week but I spread them out during the week.  

18 Aug 2005 17:32
UGH yes I used T-400 crippled my ass for over 2 weeks I still cannot inj into my upper quads b/c of the scar tissue it left..Worthless IMO I only got 7ml out of it and as I said it seemed underdosed to me..Could not do legs for almost 3 weeks from that shit and I never have problems with gear prop doesn't bother me sust, omnis none of the fast stuff...I have used UG 300mg test e and smooth as silk..Denkall T-400 is crap to me and has put out ALOT of guys..I don't see a problem with the grapeseed oil just never seen it used before..I normally see cottenseed or just filtered sterile oil..No owrrys...Storm  

18 Aug 2005 18:25
I was the one that recommended grapeseed oil. It's thinner that's why I like it better, you think it would spread out in the muscle quicker because it's thinner making it easier for the body to absorb, not sure if that actually works but in my head it makes sense. It was recommended by a few vets I know.

You might have had underdosed gear storm but also when you have higher dosed gear you only get so much % out of it. Sounds weird but I remember reading a post by Up4Anything and he explained it. I'll ask him to explain it if I can't find it. He was saying how it's better to use lower dosed more frequently then high dose not just to keep your test levels constant.  

18 Aug 2005 18:45
Exactly I mainly use test enath/cyp as a base then add in prop myself all spread out over the week..To do it right you will have to eventually do several inj days come contest time it is 6 days a week for me..  

18 Aug 2005 20:18
I got it. So I use grapeseed oil, do I have to filter it? The reason I ask is because I don't have any filters...And I don't want to wait a week from them to come b/c that means I'll miss two incections.  

18 Aug 2005 23:15
yes, you need to filter the stuff...mix and then filter.  

18 Aug 2005 23:19
Will do.  

19 Aug 2005 04:47
Grapeseed oil is all that I use, as jcvuaghn26 said it is thinner and it flows better  

08 Sep 2005 03:17
yummy grapes.  

15 Sep 2005 04:59

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