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I'm 5'3 @ 193lbs and have been working out on and off for a couple years. I got serious about 6 weeks ago and started using some gear. I blew up from 164 lbs to my current week. The only problem is that i have aching elbows in the day and an aching wrist. It's extremely painful on tri and bi days.

Does anyone have any advice on how to either make this go away or at least to help with the pain.  

07 May 2004 21:42

what are you using?  

07 May 2004 21:54
Dang bro you should know i emailed you tons here it is. I used Dbol for 6 weeks and just stopped and now i'm using 500mg's of test enanthate EW.  

07 May 2004 22:06
LOL sorry bro, i didn't know it was you... im glad your cycle is working out for you....

were you taking the dbol with the enanthate at the same time??

and any previous injuring to the arms before??  

07 May 2004 22:21
You could try some Glucosamine condroitin(sp) for now. Aching elbows is very common with AS use. It is a big strain on joints from making such big gains in such a short amount of time.

If you don't mind making an adjustment to your routine, don't do any really heavy iso tricep exercises...skull crushers, french curls...Insead, focus on the compound exercises a little more for tris(dips, close grip bench...) If you feel you need to do iso stuff, keep reps no heavier than 10.  

07 May 2004 23:05
Man i was starting to feel like you didn't know me anymore lol. You answered alot of my questions starting out. yeah i did run the 2 together but now strictly with the test. I have about 5 more weeks to go on the test i'm running it for 12 weeks. I didn't start to have these pains till about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was just the dramatic weight increase when i lift. For example: I did military presses (barbell) with 1 x 45lb plates and 1 x 25lb plates on each side (185lbs) for about 8 reps. During this time i went to 2 x 45lb plates on both sides (225lbs) for about 7 reps. I just thought it was the weight that was bothering it so i took 3 days away for my body to recup. but i'm still having pains. My elbows were tender to the touch but not as bad now.  

07 May 2004 23:09
thanks that Glucosomine over the counter or no? i really don't want to stop with the heavy stuff or the iso since i've made really good gains....although i have noticed my strength dropped a little when i dropped the dbol out my cycle. I keep my reps and weight to were i can only do about 6 reps per set and being strict on form. I giggle to myself when i see guys using pure momentum just so they can use heavier weights.  

07 May 2004 23:26
Glucosamine is OTC.  

08 May 2004 03:36
synergy I went and bought some this morning from GNC and i'm gonna give it a try. Ever since i started my cycle i found that about 5 weeks in i lost my appetite. So i'm taking some 2200 weight gainer to compinsate for my calories, nutrients and protein. Is this ok to do will i still grow?  

10 May 2004 16:16
weight gainers are usually very high in sugar, thats why they have so many calories. Im sure you will put on weight, but i dunno if it will be good weight. Just try to use those sparingly and force feed yourself.  

10 May 2004 18:21
ah good point......i didn't notice that. But thanks for the info. And shortz i did buy some glucosamine from gnc this weekend. thanks for that info.  

11 May 2004 00:31

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