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yeah i just bought ULTIMATE MASS GAIN 4000 on the website does anyone know if its any good feedback appreciated also can u tell me how hard and often or intense do i have to train to get the best results out of the product I DO NOT WANT TO GO FAT.thanks guys  

23 Jul 2005 20:47

You bought weight gainer is all that is, take it as a MRP. If you are looking to bulk probably going to put on a little fat. Train the normal routine, just because you are on something doesn't mean you need to up the quantity or intensity of your workout. Post up your routine, diet, stats, and goals and we can help you out. Next time you want a weight gainer look into making your own just use protein, 1/2 cups oats, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, milk and blend. Cheaper that way.  

23 Jul 2005 21:26
well i am 16years old 170lbs training 4 times a week im very strong for my age i want to be very muscular round about 230lbs i eat the normal chicken pasta etc but i cannot eat vast amounts as it is hard i dont really have a routine i go in the gym and do different bodyparts each day i would appreciate it if you could do a real programme for gaining mass with my weightgainer and tell me best days to workout it would be appreciated greatly thankyou for responding so quick.  

23 Jul 2005 21:36
please reply back  

23 Jul 2005 21:57
this is me  

23 Jul 2005 22:36
why is my pec like that  

23 Jul 2005 22:49
I usually train mon-friday. I spend about 35-45 min in the gym each day. You should really find yourself a gym routine. If not, you'll be all over the place and un-organized. I beleive Small Guy has some gym routines. Just use the search button.
You'll find something on this site.  

24 Jul 2005 02:05
[QUOTE=wannabebig]why is my pec like that[/QUOTE]

because they're small  

04 Aug 2005 18:03

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