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Just picked up some via prescription from doc. Would anyone be willing to tell me how I mix (make it ready for use?) never used before...Do I need to boil it? Store in fridge? (came with a bottle of bacteriostatic water and a vial with the powder inside) anyways much thanks for any help. -  

22 Jul 2005 02:16

Is it a vial as in multi use or single shot glass amp?  

22 Jul 2005 02:19
Yeah its a multi use vial not an "amp"  

22 Jul 2005 02:23
What does the vial say?  

22 Jul 2005 02:34
No directions on the bottle bro, just says "reconstitute with 10ml of bacteriostatic water" DO I need to heat it? Mix it? Will it dissolve fine just on its own? ......  

22 Jul 2005 11:14
OK,well.Thats your answer.Take 10ml of Bac water and fill the vial up.DO NOT HEAT!!
You can store it in your frig.It will dissolve perfectly once the H2O is added.  

22 Jul 2005 16:30
O.k. I will add the water and just put it in my fridge (don't even need to mix it at all?) thanks alot for your help though.  

22 Jul 2005 19:10
Once the water is added it should dissolve the white powder almost instantly.You could shake it up a bit but probably not needed.  

22 Jul 2005 19:28
just one suggestion. be gentle to the powder, it's fragile. when reconstituting, let the water run down the side of the vial into the powder -dont just shoot water directly into the powder. and also to mix, invert gently. even though the contents isnt as valuable as gH it doesnt hurt to treat it as such. IMO  

23 Jul 2005 04:19

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