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Anyone have any reviews or anything to say about superdrol? Its all over the place wondering it its worth even looking into. Cool  

11 Jul 2005 09:10

i dont have any experience... some like it, some dont  

13 Jul 2005 02:37
Does anyone know what it exactly does? And why you need to go on PCT after you take it?  

13 Jul 2005 07:49
man you guys overhere dont hear about anything  

31 Aug 2005 01:28
I've heard the sides aren't worth the gains.  

31 Aug 2005 05:14
Yeah its definetly worth it. You can go to other forums and look into the logs.

Basicly you need PCT because your body stops producing testosterone while on it. Your taking in more way more test than your body needs, thus it stops producing it.

superdrol is methasteron. I cant give you a run down but google it and you'll find the info. The name I gave you should make it easier hopefully. Thats about all I can tell you. Other than is kicks A** and people are gaining 15-20lbs. in 3-4 weeks and with good PCT keeping it.

Im starting a cycle soon.

The sides are hardly anything, man. The positives definetly outweigh the negatives (because there isnt much).


04 Sep 2005 20:40
does anyone know what a good form of pct would be for this?  

05 Sep 2005 04:57

05 Sep 2005 07:05
r we talking about that stuff by "Anabolic Xtreme?"  

05 Sep 2005 15:11
yeah any good?  

05 Sep 2005 22:17
its the best ph type suplement on the market right now there is other brands out now that are cheaper than ax  

06 Sep 2005 06:18
wow im surprised that something like that actually works, do they actually sell it in stores? just wondering b/c none of those "testosterone booster" products seem to be any good.  

07 Sep 2005 01:05
tribulus works well if your older and dose it right  

07 Sep 2005 01:08
yea i realize that, but how old r u? i think i remember u saying something like 19-20 in another post? does this stuff work for people who are in this range?  

08 Sep 2005 05:17
i took it it didnt do much but make me get hard at unnessary times  

08 Sep 2005 18:51
the masterpiece
[QUOTE=illsniggles]i took it it didnt do much but make me get hard at unnessary times[/QUOTE]

lol im not on anything and sometimes i get hard out of the blue  

08 Sep 2005 19:40
so nobody knows how to cycle superdrol? nobody has had experiance?  

08 Sep 2005 20:22
they sell it on, i have a budy who used it and likes it, ive never tryd it, on discount anabolics it gives pretty good directions to take it and the PCT, and then the website gives their opionion on doses, its found on the bottom of the page once ur on the superdrol page and its labled "Hardcore doses"

if you use it im curious to hear results.  

13 Sep 2005 22:57
does anyonek know if it shuts you down?  

14 Sep 2005 00:38

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