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First off I would like to thank the ones that had posts on capping. I have been trying to find good information on powders and this board answered almost all of my questions.

The only question I have is why bother messing with fillers if I want to make some winny caps? If I want 25 mg tabs why not just stick 25 mg in each cap and let it be? Is it better for the somach/digestion to have a filler like corn starch or protein powder?


18 Jun 2005 02:02

if you have ever capped you will understand this......

When you cap you just dump powder on a tray and spread it out use the little tapper add more powder to make it as full as possible then you cap. If you were to just make 25mg caps you would have to measure 25mg for each cap which would be very time consuming. I assume you have read all the capping post of them something along the lines measure how much the cap can hold of both the filler and aas powder of you choice each powder separately and make the calculations what percentage to mix them put in a bag mix together. Then you can just spread the powder and go so you don't have to measure each cap.  

18 Jun 2005 03:18
Thanks for the reply. I'm 100% straight now. I'm going to see if the local health store here sells capping gear (or I'll order it on the net).


18 Jun 2005 03:52
I recommend capsule connection good luck bro.  

18 Jun 2005 04:04

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