need advice on pct

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Fat Bastard
i used 6oxo for my last cycle of m1t. ( no appearant side effects) i will be starting a new cycle soon and was thinking of using nolva from custom nutrition. is it any good? or should i stick with 6oxo? thanks  

08 Jun 2005 08:44

Im not very familiar with 6OXO but Nolva would work better coming off an M1T cycle. Im not too sure however what custom nurtition is.... can you post the site?  

09 Jun 2005 21:03
Fat Bastard
the 6oxo (androstenetrione), is from ergopharm. it seemed to work pretty good, but everybody tells me nolva is better. i can't remember who told me about custom nutrition, but the website is


10 Jun 2005 02:35
10-4 you should be good to go with that website unless someone speaks up... I havent dealt with them before  

10 Jun 2005 03:09

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