Hanil Miro Depo 2ml 250mg... BEST EVER!!!

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korean gear  

21 Apr 2004 22:29

tim bob
I've ran 2 vials from a friend and gained 12lbs I'm trying to get some info on it  

30 Mar 2005 07:50
I'm new and I was wondering if they had any major effects and .im 17 and 5"9" and only 125lbs

--NO asking for sources on an open board!  

31 Mar 2005 22:50
you are too young for gear vinvin....eat more food and grow from a bulking diet  

31 Mar 2005 23:27
k, i'll take ur advice, u sound like u no wat ur talkin about, thanks alot i really appreciate ur help, u hav no idea.  

31 Mar 2005 23:39

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