hello all, im a noob.. have some questions

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Hello all.
Im 21 years old.
6 foot.
160 pounds.
In a good shape... not huge.. im looking to get to a decent size hopefully.
185 lbs.. and hopefully pretty big.

I smoke.
I go to the gym for 1 hour and 15 mins abouts once every 2 days mostly doing weights.

I take protein shakes 3 times /day on the days i train 2 times on the days i dont.

I eat pretty healthy.

Unfortunately I dont wish to quit smoking..

Is there hope for me to achieve my goals at this rate within 1 year or ?

Please advice  

05 May 2005 10:14

Master Of Puppets
If you quit smoking and eat 1 less protein shake, and more whole food, sure.  

05 May 2005 14:37
Taking 3 protien shakes a day won't get you huge, however, taking 3 protien shakes will help you get your daily protien intake up.
You said you eat 'pretty healthy'...??
Give us an idea what your diet looks like. On average, what do you usually eat on an daily basis?
How much protien do you consume?
What does your gym routine look like?

I don't want to make any assumptions, but, in my opinion it sounds like you need to change your diet.

Gaining 20 pounds in a year and a half?...Well, anything is possible.. It's good to have long term goals, but, you should also make short term goals like concentrating on getting enough food into your system every day.  

05 May 2005 14:56
Nathan Bentley
aye im gonna have to agree with AaarOn eat more food try to get your protein from there its much cheaper Smile
smoking probley isnt helping you much either but i cant make decisions for u  

05 May 2005 15:59
welcome to BBF  

05 May 2005 19:33
Nathan Bentley
aye forgot welcome aboard  

05 May 2005 20:42

05 May 2005 20:44
I don't want to sound harsh, but do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with weight training if you aren't going to stop smoking. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that needs to be first sought after mentally, then pursued physically. If you are just out to look good for the ladies, maybe plastic surgery is the answer for you. I would spend your time finding ways to get the doctors paid instead of working out.

Welcome aboard, may "Arnold" the god of BodyBuilding guide you through.

P.S. if you decide that you want to pursue bodybuilding and a "healthy" lifestyle, I know you will find it as rewarding as bedding four hotties on spring break just out to get laid. Which, by the way, just might happen if you decide to walk the path. Women love muscles, I don't care what they tell you. They are more superficial than you could ever imagine, and they know that none of thier friends will ever give them heat for sleeping with a chisled amadeus. Keep it in mind. and again, welcome!  

05 May 2005 21:12
well smoking in bodybuilding is mostly a no-no, but there are some pro's that do smoke....female bbers do and markus ruhl does....granted they have their genetics, but you can work around it IMO  

05 May 2005 21:20
yea smoking never did anyone any good just bad  

06 May 2005 20:25

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