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These are the products I am using now. The Norditrope pen is the best and easiest, Saizen is a mix and injectable which has some product loss during dosing. It is worth the extra to use the pen, no mixing, more stable and easy to use anywhere.  

03 May 2005 20:18

I heard that pen is the heat...  

03 May 2005 22:06
[QUOTE=Storm]I heard that pen is the heat...[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I like it because it is easy to use and transport. Just dial dosage, inject and put it away, but still has to be refridgerated after opening but will keep 30+ days. The Saizen just takes longer due to fooling with slin darts and mixing and is not nearly as stable as the pen.  

03 May 2005 22:56

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