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Can I get some opinions? i've used them, but would like some feedback from the pro's here.......  

27 Mar 2005 02:31

:confused: :confused:  

27 Mar 2005 02:33
theres no point of using a bench shirt unless your going to compete need a good raw bench base to get into a shirt, plus its very technical as well.

IMO, metal shirts are very good shirts to invest in, but you will have to invest in some extra money to customize it to fit you best.  

27 Mar 2005 02:58
I have used the Inzer thriple with good sucess call them get your measurements and they will custom make you one.  

27 Mar 2005 04:40
still, even with measurements, the shirt wont fit 100%....the shirts gotta be customized as you go along....once u use the shirt, you know how it feels and how tight it should be, etc.....  

27 Mar 2005 05:33
metal shirts? not familar with these....... can you give details on this?  

27 Mar 2005 07:11
its just a brand of PLing gear......i forget the link, but they are european...
Most US PLers like metal or Titan....Preferrably the Titan Fury series, but its all a matter of preference. But, i find that if you are going to invest in a bench shirt, make the first investment worthwile...the reason being is that in most cases, the first shirt is usually the best shirt you'll have, since you learn everything on it, and you'll know how the shirt will function inside and out.

Benching with a shirt is not an assistance tool, its a total science behind it. you need to relearn benching all over again with a shirt....most people get mentally crushed when they start out with a bench shirt, as when the shirt is perfectly fitted, you gotta relearn how to bench, and that means that you lose poundage on the bar for a lil bit.

Saying that, the reason i feel metal shirts are the best to invest in is because its very good quality, and once perfected in customizing it to fit you 100%, it'll be a very nice shirt to bench in  

27 Mar 2005 07:22
copy that.......  

27 Mar 2005 07:29

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