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Hey just had a question for anyone that could help. Iam currently on my 1st cycle of Deca for 3 weeks now and am about to add Sustanon 250 into it. I know that i need to start an anti-e once i start the Sus. I have plenty of clomid available and i know that works as an anti-e. So can i just take clomid for the next 8 weeks and continue it for a couple weeks after my cycle is over to get my normal test up to speed? Or do i have to take nolvadex during my cycle and clomid is only for after a cycle. I dont have nolvadex on hand right now thats why i'm asking. Thanks for any help you might have.  

28 Feb 2005 10:16

You should have started the sus first then added the deca.Also the clomid is normally used for after cycle.Nolva helps with bloat and to help with gyno symtoms during and after cycle.You should read up more and educate your self alittle more before starting another cycle.You don't want to end up with man-boobs.
Welcome to BBF bro.  

28 Feb 2005 17:21

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