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I have a question about d-bol? I,m new to steriods and have a friend who says he has some d-bol for sale. I looked at it and it says the number5442 on one side and the letters dan on the other. Is this the real deal or a rip off? please tell me as soon as possible. The color of the pill is white and it is round. He didn't have it in the original bottle and he wouldn't let me take one with me. I did taste one though and it was bitter almost like an aspirin. He also said they were 25 milligrams. thanks  

22 Feb 2005 19:49

What color is it and what shape is the pill. For example is it pink, white, or some other color. Is it round, oval, octagon, etc?
What miligram did he say it was?  

22 Feb 2005 20:12
we need more information color of the bottle too any pics on the bottle colr and shpe of the tabs and strength  

22 Feb 2005 20:42
please please post pics..do scann of tabs and bottle,pack


23 Feb 2005 09:17

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