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27 Mar 2004 03:49

Is this still on the market? I heard it hadnt been about for ages. I may be wrong.  

14 Sep 2004 22:39
I am not sure about what brand that is...The powder is still available so alot of UG labs and Pharms are making it again...Supra has it but I still find it hard to belive it is 200mg per ml..Para is a very heavy powder that is why the mg is so low..I am going to testing out some human grade para from Pharmacia El Romoz oh another clue is if the para you find isn't a bit high be wary..It is very expensive to buy the powder...Storm  

15 Sep 2004 00:00
I have just finished usin Apex Trenbalone which i found very good.  

15 Sep 2004 01:25
Well alot of UG labs are saying para but it is really tren...If it doesn't say cyclohexacarbonate (sp) it ain't para...I would be wary of any para labeled as 100+mgs...Storm  

15 Sep 2004 01:32
Real para only comes in 75 or 76mg! I use it, and mine is manufacture by IP.  

03 Feb 2005 23:21

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