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Does anybody have any feedback on them.


01 Feb 2005 22:47

looking at the say its just a bunk attempt of a Growth hormone supplement...  

02 Feb 2005 06:41
[QUOTE=gymphreak]looking at the say its just a bunk attempt of a Growth hormone supplement...[/QUOTE]

not necesarily bro.... totally depends on the ingredients... the name may say this, but the ingredients may have a different purpose Wink  

03 Feb 2005 07:03
Product Description
Human Growth Complex Original Formula is best known as a muscle mass enhancer embraced by thousands of athletes and fitness-minded people worldwide. The product was originally launched in 1998 and has had a tremendous following to say the least. The product appeals to a wide range of people from the novice just starting out to seasoned athletes. This is considered the most hardcore of the HGC Formulas as it appeals to those people that take bodybuilding and fitness very serious.

The ingredients in Human Growth Complex work in synergy to help maximize muscle mass and promote lean weight gain. The product is an excellent alternative for those who wish to put on size but have a problem putting on weight. Many of the ingredients are also known for their ability to aid in reducing fatigue and to help alleviate pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

The following are the homeopathic ingredients in the HGC Original Formula and their therapeutic benefits.

Active Ingredients:

Somatotrophine (Homeopathic Growth Hormone) –By the time one reaches their twenties, the body’s production of this youth enhancing hormone is on the decline and will continue to decline with each passing year. Scientists have long known that one of the keys to maintaining youth is to keep Growth Hormone levels as elevated as possible. Unfortunately, this also meant that individuals would have to subject themselves to daily injections of synthetic Growth Hormone. The primary ingredient in all of the HGC formulas is homeopathic Growth Hormone (Somatotrophine) 12X. The Growth Hormone contained in the HGC formulas will not overwhelm the body but actually works in synergy with it.

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1(homeopathic IGF-1)- A vital growth factor that is released by the liver and works in tandem with Growth Hormone to enhance anabolism (the process of building muscle).

Alfalfa- Aids in nutrient absorption and digestion. Known as an overall health tonic.

Arnica Montana- Excellent for relieving pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Arsenicum album- For physical exhaustion and may help to delay the onset of fatigue.

Baptisia- Most beneficial in relieving muscle soreness.

Bryonia- An aid for relieving stress to the joints and other connective tissue.

China officianalis- For relief of fatigue especially during times of heavy perspiration as with strenuous exercise.

Gelsemium sempervirens- Helps prepare the body for physical activity such as that experienced during heavy lifting and/or weight-training.

Lacticum acidum- Help relieve the onset of muscular fatigue.

Lycopodium clavatum- Known for its’ ability to aid digestion for better nutrient absorption.

Phosphorus- Aids in symptoms relating to bones and joints. Especially of significance to those that are involved in weight-training and strenuous exercise.

Rhus toxicodendron- Most commonly used to relieve swollen joints and relieve joint pain.

Ruta graveolens- Helps relieve trauma to bones and connective tissue as that experienced during strenuous physical activity.  

03 Feb 2005 16:36
Its a Homeopathic remedy to try to build mass.Not everyone responds to this method.While I worked at GNC I remember that only 1 out of 5 does a homeopathic medicine respond to the user.  

04 Feb 2005 17:57
OLDER THREAD. but does this stuff offer any Benefits??????

I was considerign givign it a try!!!


08 Sep 2005 03:24

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